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AG004 VB Line Nail Acrylic Builder Gel 60g - UV/LED Professional Acrylic

AG004 VB Line Nail Acrylic Builder Gel 60g - UV/LED Professional Acrylic

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VB™ AcrylicGel is an all-in-one formula for the perfect working consistency. 

No monomer, no mixing, no ratios. The odourless formula allows you to work as fast or as long as you want. 

Tube dispensing allows you to use just what you need for no wasted product. 

Formulated using a game-changing polymer fusion, 

VB™ Line Gel's breakthrough quick dry technology delivers 

gravity-defying performance for astonishingly easy, chase-free applications. 

If applied correctly, you will have 2 - 3.5 WEEKS of intact wear

Nail enthusiasts have raved about the colour performance of these nail gels.

Our nail gels have no smell, are non-toxic and are environmentally friendly.

For proper curing, please cure under nail led/UV lamp.

Time for curing: 

Under an LED lamp it will take 30-60 secs, UV lamp 2-4 min

How to use:

Prepare nails by cleaning and trimming the nail surface. As per a normal manicure process, push back cuticles.

Apply the base coat to nails; use UV lamp to cure for 30 seconds.

Use a gel brush dipped in cleanser to apply product and gently pat in place. A tiny bit of cleanser goes a long way. 

When the brush become sticky use dipped in cleanser again; 

use UV lamp to cure for 2-3 minutes or use an LED lamp for 60 secs.

Apply the top coat nail gel polish or continue with your colour gel, 

which will ensure the colour looks even more striking, then use your UV or LED lamp to cure.

Using a cotton ball soaked with cleanser, remove the tacky surface

What else you need to know:

How to remove:

Using acrylic remover, soak your nails for about 5-10 minutes

Remove the entire piece of nail enamel gently.

How to store:

As with all gel nail polishes, exposure to direct light or heat can affect its thickness and colour. 

Hence, please store your polish in a cool dark place. 

In addition, you can also store the gel polish in your refrigerator to extend the life of the product and to prevent it from clumping, which will make application easier. 

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